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emancipated dissonance

Thursday, January 31, 2008

non-friday non-love poems

power differential

hello, cute T.A.
if i come to office hours
will you ask me out?

on not wanting to be a peeping tom

i can see you through
your garden level windows
could you close the blinds?

public transit [-37]

was checking you out
missed my stop, had to walk back
almost froze to death

public transit 2 [the haiku]

on the city bus
tapping my fingers to count
five seven and five


small group search is like
bad blind dates, but being lame
shouldn't count them out

you seem really nice
but collect antique hymnals
i'm busy next week

no one talks at all
delicious rice krispie bars
don't make up for it

three leaders; all men
but turns out they're all married
false advertising

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Monday, January 28, 2008

i made the mistake of attempting to get my car washed on one of the two warm days in january.

after paying for the $7.00 worth of blasting gallons of water and dubious chemicals on december 31, i waited in line for 15 minutes and gave up.

i checked back on sunday, but the line was all the way around the parking lot and i decided not to bother.

so today was my last chance before we dip back to sub-zero temperatures and my car wash code expires. armed with several articles to read and normal blood pressure, i set out to be greeted, of course, by an absurdly long line of cars waiting to be washed and then immediately rained on, as it turned out.

in a vain attempt to correct the stupidly complicated line of cars zig zagging through the gas station parking-lot, i somehow ended up "in the way" of a truck which appeared to merely want through to the other side of the line. after a furious exchange of hand gestures, i backed up to allow the truck easy passage, only to discover that the driver was intending to also rinse off the weeks of salt and grime, which resulted in her basically cutting in line and diverting things so that two other cars moved in behind her before i could maneuver myself back to the re-stupidified end of the line.

this is different than road rage. because we are parked for a long period of time in very close proximity. and she has just visibly wasted 15 more minutes of my day, as if waiting in a 40 minute long line is not enough. and on three separate occasions, i honestly considered getting out of my car and walking up to hers to explain to her that she is inane, selfish, and worthy of severe punishment, to be administered by myself as i saw fit. she had a handicapped license plate. this actually somehow made things worse, not better.

so i thought about Christians. about turning the other cheek. and about whether or not that means acquiescing to every jerk that tries to cut in the car wash line resulting in sitting in an idling vehicle for hours on end. i'm glad i didn't tell her off, even though the part of me that loves justice knows she deserved it. but i'm also going to continue to refuse admittance to the last guy trying to squeeze in before his lane ends when we were given two miles notice.

five and a half hours later, my car is dirty again thanks to the rain, but at least my blood pressure's back to normal. i should probably not be allowed to drive.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

in the interest of posting something on my blog that is not a picture of myself

you know you've found a good beer when you can leave it on the porch until it's frozen, set it on the radiator until it's warm, and then put it in the fridge until it is slightly chilled and it is still drinkable. high five to avery brewing company and to boulder, CO in general.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

on liking things and/or disliking things

it seems to me that the most common reason for disliking something has much more to do with asserting one's identity in opposition to something, and often in a very snobby way, than it does with anything else.

i think i am actually becoming less opinionated, or perhaps more likely to be repelled by people of any variety who have unjustifiably strong opinions on most anything. becoming post modern, maybe?

except that i started out REALLY opinionated, so anyone who didn't know might not guess that this is something i'm observing as a trend in my own psyche.

maybe i'm deluding myself into believing i'm becoming REASONABLE....

HOWEVER: advertisements continue to baffle and irritate me causing watching television in the same room with me to be an unpleasant experience for almost anyone. luckily, this is rare.

recently --- NAKED juice has a new slogan. "Drink it and Thrive." ... seems to me to be in quite poor taste to piggyback your promotion on a campaign combating a tragic social problem. also: charging $2.09 for ten oz of anything legally consumable is both absurd and lucrative. people will pay out the ear to 'thrive,' turns out.

also: what is it with free ring tones? seriously. free ring tones with shampoo, a can of soup, a newspaper subscription... this seems to be predicated on some sort of existing demand for ring tones. are people out there somewhere PAYING MONEY for them? how much? what is wrong with claire de lune from space that comes already installed on your phone? or, my own personal favorite, "techno beat."

most phones seem to be set to vibrate all the time anyway, yet there is virtually no product available for sale which is not accompanied by a free ring tone.

perhaps people are more likely to buy any product if it has an additional piece of plastic wrapped around it containing something "free," and marketers are simply now opting for something which costs nothing to provide and will not be redeemed by anyone anyway.

also, the amount of free ringtone related spam sent by busty blondes on myspace is causing me to consider closing my account.

lastly: back to school, feels good, making stuffed grape leaves for dinner, anybody wanna go to DJ shadow with me on the 4th? i have an extra ticket or two.... $20

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

also: by popular demand


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this is hot:

he's playing at the Dakota Club on Sunday. anybody wanna go with me?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

not a poem
half songs
an inspired verse, a weaker one
a chorus, then nothing
i proficiently create

conversations in two pieces
recorded questions with recorded answers
are becoming a regular occurance

my life lived in tenuous suspension
between a certain but vague past
and dreams of somedays which might arrive
or not arrive
seems precarious, not a thing on its own
existing merely as a contrast
negative space in the sculpture of my life
defined but empty
meaningful only by virtue of what surrounds it

new haircut - bangs
playing out some with all three bands, which is fun
haven't really done much at all for the last three weeks, ready for school to start again
new roommate
the house has been cleaner than it's ever been and dirtier than it's ever been since the beginning of two-thousand-great, but not in that order

i guess that's an update. or something. maybe i'm sorta done with this. we'll see.

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