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emancipated dissonance

Thursday, December 29, 2005

kernel of truth:

the earth was empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. and the spirit of God was hovering over its surface. then God said, "let there be light" and there was light.

and every time the sun rises, we should be reminded: that we are not alone and that none of this is an accident. it's just statistically impossible... that an octopus on the ocean floor could have the same eye as me and there be no God involved.

some days that makes me so glad, and some days my flesh rebels and wants to be in control.

i think i was once more often glad. there are things i knew in my youth that i have since forgotten. things worth knowing.... and so i step toward my future with the past in mind.

also: happy belated birthday, yilingyiling!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

struggle struggle struggle
what i want now
is for something easy to happen
an opportunity to drop into my lap
or a song to write itself with my fingers on the piano
or something to catch my eye and entertain me for awhile
or to become helplessly obsessed with pursuing some dream
or to be swept off my feet
without being asked first
so i don't have to decide
or try so hard

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

nowhere to go that i want to be
no one to call that i'd care to see
nothing left but to
run or drive
off into the darkness
ever after
wherever that might be

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Friday, December 23, 2005

i ate cheeseball and crackers at 7:15 am... does that make me gross?

also: sufjan stevens is like magic.

i tend to look at people's hands.

kurt vonnegut says in more than one book that he doesn't think of himself as "hot stuff." i think he's lying. you have to be a little bit vain to write something down and have the guts to give it to a publisher because you think thousands of people might want to read it.

he also says that many people, when they've done something really great, look at it and say "how the hell did i do that?"

have you ever thought that? i have, usually with papers i wrote at 3 am in college and read over (usually for the first time) after i got them back with unexpected A's.

he also says:

"Question: What is the white stuff in bird poop?
Answer: That is bird poop, too."

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

and mr. dick cheney cast the deciding vote on budget cuts that mean 65,000 fewer families will receive rental assistance next year.

merry christmas.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

o fragile flesh
how close you are
-----to death
-----to damage
-----to permanent deformity
at all times

one slip on the ice
-----and falling
-----landingcrackingbreaking-----and that’s all it would take

and once this soul has left you behind
you will rot
or be burned in an oven
like the holocaust victims
(except not)


o fragile flesh
i love you
in spite of your weakness
and because of it
-----i will protect you as best i can
because i do not want you to burn or rot
because you are me
-----or i am you
even though you deceive me
and make a fool out of me
and torment me

o flesh
do not betray me
do not argue
and we will get along just fine

i think.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

routine to me is like emotional suicide. the closer i get to complete consistency and dependability, the closer i will be to a blank mind. every morning, my coffee brews for me at 7:00 and i sip it from my blue thermos on my way down the alley, past the window that is home to a white cat that stares at me as i walk past. my route then goes by a vietnamese restaurant where, from an alcove of the building, the smell of cigarette smoke alerts me to the presence of an aproned employee sitting in the shadows on his break. then i cross university on the left turn light, illegally, the same way every day. i can tell how late i am by the who’s driving the bus…. and except for the dropping temperature on the bank sign, it all seems senselessly repetitive.

the part of singlehood that is difficult for me is not at all the solitude. i enjoy being alone and also having full rein over my choice of who i am with when i'm not. instead, the problem is that the daily grind seems particularly fruitless when it is done only for oneself – running errands last night i kept wondering why I was gallivanting around in the sub zero darkness for groceries to feed myself, movies to entertain myself, and presents to cross off of my very own list. upon arriving home, i spent an hour in the kitchen, concocting a tremendous dinner… for myself. i wake up early in the morning to go to work to earn money to fund all those errands… somehow it seems like it would all be more worthwhile if someone else was benefiting from my workworkworkworkwork

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

was feeling down and then came across a transcript of a conversation that happened a few months ago. i only wrote his lines because most of mine are obvious.

"you got a spare cigarette?
oh, don't smoke, eh?
you got a quarter?
a nickel?
you know, you remind me of doctor xander.
the psychiatrist.
believe me, it's a compliment."

and what a compliment... i wonder if that's a famous psychiatrist that i'm too out of the loop to recognize or if it's one of his.... either way, makes me glad i write everything down :-)

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if the right one were to come along now, he'd have found someone great. but really, the longer he waits to show up, the better i'll get, and the luckier he'll be when it actually happens. at least that's how i feel about it today.

last night was wonderful

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Friday, December 16, 2005

A girl with chestnut curls
I dreamt of you and you were beautiful, but inconsistently with the way I remember them, your eyes betrayed your vulnerability. And you implored me, silently, needing my forgiveness to go on. And in my dream, it was much harder to give it than it should have been. But in my waking life, you are far away and have forgotten me and the wounds that were so long in healing.

A boy with kind eyes
I dreamt that I was trying so hard at something. I was afraid it wouldn’t be good enough. And instead of loving me regardless, you kept correcting and pushing me to improve. But what I wanted wasn’t to be better. What I wanted was to be perfect to you the way I already was.

A red dress
I’m dreaming of you now.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

sometimes i say "no mi ricordo niente del mio italiano" over and over in my head.

tuesday 8:15-4:45 work work work
tuesday 4:45-5:30 trying to leave work
tuesday 6:00-10:30 ynachofunmovie
tuesday 10:30-12:00 crisis + discouragement + frustration
wednesday 12:00-8:00 snow
wednesday 8:15-present work work work, feel sorry for hurricane victims who are facing a looming deadline and therefore must make their way through the unfamiliar snow to get to me all day. feel sorry for me, who hasn't had quite enough sleep to cope with it all.

many things are never said which should be. other things are repeated over and over which deserve no attention whatsoever.

i might cry today, just a warning.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I don’t understand about complimentary colors and what they say
Side by side they both get bright, together they both get grey
But he’s been pretty much yellow and I’ve been kinda blue
But all I can see is red, red, red, red now
What am I gonna do?

I don’t understand about diamonds and why men buy them
What’s so impressive about a diamond except the mining?
But it’s dangerous work trying to get to you, too
If I didn’t have to kill, kill, kill myself doing it
Maybe I wouldn’t think so much of you

I’ve been watching all the time
And I still can’t find the tack
But what I wanna know is, is it okay?
Is it just fine?
Or is it my fault?
Is it my lack?

I don’t understand about the weather outside
Or the harmony in a tune, or why somebody lied
But there’s solace a bit for submitting to the fitfully cryptically true
What’s happened has happened
What’s comin is already on its way with a role for me to play
And I don’t understand, I never understand, but I’ll try to understand
There’s nothing else I can do

-fiona apple

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Monday, December 12, 2005

by the way, i thought the lion, the witch and the wardrobe was a ravishing success. at least i found myself leaving the theater with a very different perspective on the world than when i had arrived... it was interesting how the parallels between aslan and jesus were almost strengthened by how the movie chose to tell the story... poor guilty little edmond is a condemning picture of the rest of us - selling out our brothers and sisters for an ego soothing snack...

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

'twas a rolling stone sort of weekend... a van full of equipment driven across state lines, emptied, and much later refilled with more human cargo than was probably legal... and the next day, after they had recovered from their indescrecions and lazed away the afternoon, the night was rocked into a memory... i can stay up until 4 in the morning once in a weekend, but twice was a stretch. looking forward to my own warm bed very soon...

i think we earned ourselves a ticket back to eau claire.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

last night i remembered a part of myself that i haven’t seen for awhile. the part that lusts after an exciting, worthwhile, empowered, brave life. i miss when i was that person all the time (or maybe that's just a fantasy i have about myself and my courage has always been sporadic). it shouldn’t take so much to bring that out in me again – but being around inspired people tends to be inspirational. i feel like buying a plane ticket.

also: money reproduces itself, in general.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005


posted by renee 5:19 PM

i'm easy.

easy to fall for. easy to block out. easy to believe. easy to see through. easy to love. easy to hold grudges against. easy to please. easy to make feel terrible.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You’d think that if the roof over your head through the Minnesota winter depended on whether or not I could decipher your phone number either written or spoken, that you’d try a little harder. If you leave a message that I can’t make out and have to call several phone numbers that you MIGHT have said before I actually get to you, it is likely that I’ll be a little testy by the time I do. If you can’t remember how to spell the name of your street because you can’t read, plus you are driving while talking to me, it is likely that I will be very testy. I might just say “Look, sir, I don’t have time to sit here waiting for you to find something with your address written on it, especially not while you’re driving.” And you might say “Well, you could call me back later.” But then I will raise my voice a little and say “No, how about you call ME back.” And then my cube neighbor might stop over to give me a high five at your expense while you’re still on the phone. I may or may not call you back, considering that I talk to dozens of people about the roofs over their heads every day and they can enunciate and spell and therefore avoid adding to the billions of crucially important sticky-notes accumulating around my desk.

The coffee shop by my office is selling $3 shots that they pour in your morning coffee. Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s stressed out….

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Monday, December 05, 2005

privately funded competitive investigative journalism is crucial to the maintenence of a functional democracy. unfortunately, it is too expensive and people choose their news sources based more on which comic strips they offer and whether or not they have soduko.

also: i wonder which is worse, to feel unloveable and unloved or loveable and unloved.

for the record, i recognize that i am neither of those things.

also for the record, it is important to keep a live christmas tree in water. this is hilarously obvious :) silly new yorkers.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

last night a girl pouted as she walked the two blocks to the YMCA to choose a christmas tree all by her lonesome self. she missed jill. after meandering through the makeshift forest and discussing the value of frasier vs. balsam firs with some bearded old men, she decided to go with the more expensive, just because things are usually more expensive because they’re better. a different girl altogether could be seen dragging a huge christmas tree home on a plastic sled across university avenue, grinning. somebody likes christmas.... wonder who it could be...

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

i think the saddest job is seeing-eye-dog trainer. you have to let a beautiful furry friend into your life and you teach them how to be good seeing-eye-dogs and how to be polite and steady and not easily excited and how to take care of you as if you were blind. but then, eventually, once you have made them into something great and undoubtedly learned to love them in the process, you are forced to turn them over to their real person, the one who gets to reap the reward of all your hard work. and then you have to do it again. and again. and the dogs move on and love their new people with their whole doggie hearts and you are left behind. why would anyone ever want to do that job?

and then the reader asks herself: is this a post about seeing-eye-dogs? if she’s perceptive, she’ll notice that it is not.

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