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emancipated dissonance

Monday, July 31, 2006

when there's been a lot of blackness and fear and hurt
sometimes the best thing
is to quit going over it and over it
and instead

find an occasion for a belly laugh

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

instead of bookmarks, i like to remember page numbers.


also: i'm starting to find myself lost in books in a way i haven't for a long time. each one is a romance, the opening line a first impression, the times away from the story full of longing for our next encounter... real life outside it a bore in comparison. but i know all along that i will ultimately get to page 770 and then it will be over. and i'll have to get my heart worked up for the next one even as i mourn the end of a world i've lost.

mmm... books.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

here's what i imagine:
a rehearsal space in the warehouse district, scuffy wood floors, exposed brick, big windows (drafty in the winter, a little), 15 foot ceilings, 24 hour access, a couple of couches. and somehow, in my dream, there's a grand piano in there, sharing the space with casey's signature green drum set, guitars and cords and mics scattered around. and i go, sometimes, in the middle of the night, or after an evening out on the town, and i'm still all made up and i sit at the piano with a martini and songs pour out.

and i recognize that this comes from seeing the movie "glitter," which i still can't believe i did. but i want it. i want it bad.

unfortunately, this is a financial impossibility due to all the stupid condo builders that eat up every drafty, exposed brick, scuffy floored square foot in a 30 mile radius of the cities. give us 10 years, when all the yuppies want to move their kids to the suburbs and then give us 10 more years, when they've finally given up on ever selling or renting their place and THEN, i might just buy myself a grand piano and take over an abandoned one...

or maybe, just maybe, we'll get extraordinarily lucky.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

still hashing out a theory:

people do two things in their relating to other people (maybe all the time). 1) express themselves. as if the source of their movements and sounds is a concrete center, where feelings, ideas, etc are produced free of much external force. 2) create themselves. when the source is fluid, full of complex interpretation of their surroundings and histories, even sometimes consciously behaving in a certain way to get the desired reaction from one's audience.

i have begun to strengthen my core in this way. however, i believe that the best kinds of people keep an appropriate balance of these two practices. one must not be hard, but one must have substance.

also, yesterday, i did three pull ups with only 10 pounds on the resistance bar. i had to make some terrible noises, but i did it. the long term goal, four pull ups with no resistance at all, is in sight. also: i like getting on a machine at the ymca, where i am almost always the smallest person in the weight room, and adding 100 pounds to whatever the last person was lifting. okay, so maybe yesterday was the first time that had ever happened. but i did like it...

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

turns out that the reason i usually want to go home long before bar close isn't at all that i'm getting old. i just hadn't been sleeping in until noon enough...

or something...

i could write about a dozen real entries right now. my head is reeling with assorted anecdotes and profundities and revelations.... but somehow this isn't the right vehicle for them to come out.

i wish i wish i wish

but alas

so, in their place:
1.) i made orange chocolate brownies today. they're yummy.
2.) i am wearing several silver bracelets and they make me want to dance because they jingle and sparkle prettily in the light when i move my arms.
3.) things are very confusing sometimes, but it's comforting to believe in the existence of an answer.
4.) some days i'm really confident that i'm just perfect for somebody. all i have to do is find him. some days, of course, i'm less sure.
5.) my friends are all very beautiful people.
6.) tapes n tapes and the plastic constellations delivered a rock show that made me feel just how i like to feel at rock shows tonight. a shout out to them and those that have made their rock star lives possible.

none of that is really it, though. IT is much thicker, murky, dawdling in my wordlogged brain, only on the verge of being drawn out, not coming of its own accord, and certainly not for the faceless audience of the internet. the internet doesn't ask me questions. it doesn't look deeper, care about the answers. but then again, who does?

i think i do. i hope i do. but sometimes i feel mostly alone in that.

i miss feeling 1) examined and 2) accepted DISTINCTLY and at the same time by a person.

so now i said too much, more than i thought i would, and now it's time for bed.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

here's the arrangement:

i make a cookie jar in my pottery class
i lease the cookie jar to c, who keeps it in his office
the rent amount is [keeping the cookie jar at all times full of cookies]

recently, i've been paying the rent for my own property quite frequently

i gave my tenant crap about this all week, insisting that he not only fills the cookie jar, but that he fills it with HOMEMADE COOKIES as i have been doing in his delinquency

unsurprisingly, he insists that he doesn't know how to bake cookies.

today, rent was paid under the condition that i keep my mouth shut so c can avoid in the future ever being held responsible for contributing to office potlucks [he has always been let off the hook in the past due to his chromosomes]

mmm... homemade cookies...

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i like boys SOOOOO much more than i like girls, especially in multiples.

thought more about my repulsion to men who do their hair, realized that it comes from 1.) if you're trying to impress me, read a book instead of laboriously teasing out your cowlick 2.) it would make me feel funny to date someone who took more care of their appearance than i did. i don't take much and i like it that way. (of course i reserve the right to fix myself up every great once in awhile for no good reason)

ummm... i miss my roommates, but i'm doing much better than i thought i would. this is, partly, due to 509 being intact for a week more.

it's fun when you're talking to somebody, and you don't run out of things to say, and then, later, when you're not with them anymore, you think of something else you wish you'd remembered to ask. that's when you know they're your good friend.

and people fade in and out of your daily life, but the important ones, they stick little parts of themselves in your memory to be drawn out at just the right time, and it's almost as comforting as if they were sitting there with you.

it's late. i'm going to read for a little bit anyway, because tomorrow i only work in the morning and then i get to do whatever i want.

P.S. THE DEMO ARRIVED! time to stamp and stuff and sell the little buggers. you want one? $5.

P.P.S. i made a 2-3 year plan for my life today. i think i'll stick with it.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

please, will someone come play a mediocre game of tennis with me? there are courts right by my house, i discovered. i'm pretty bad, and it's been awhile. i'm not completely terrible, but pretty bad.

seriously. anyone?

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

today i have an advertisement on my coffee cozy.
it says "H_ADACH_?" / "Excedrin (two pictures of pills that say 'e') Go!" / "Extra Strength Excedrin. The pain stops. You don't"

and attached was a sample packet of excedrin.

for some reason, it concerns me greatly that coffee is considered a good vehicle for painkiller ads.

i was an advertising major for a couple of years. nothing is accidental. creepy.


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a list of items that may or may not have anything to do with three weeks from today.

baking stone
othello and other mind games
cookbooks dealing perhaps with bread or other yumminess
compact discs that i have not heard much of but should
books that i would like to read more than once (fiction?! nonfiction?!?)
the new york times? the new yorker? the local newspaper? foodie magazines? wino magazines?
maps, especially giant maps, especially pretty maps (I LOVE MAPS)
hmm... food processor or blender to replace 1) smoking blender 2) leaking blender

p.s. i miss yiling.
p.p.s. chicago is whispering in my ear.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

this is a strange time of life
when i am brimming with potential
consequently facing the possibility of failure
when birthdays start pointing to things not yet accomplished

and i look at those who are years past me
some of whom build confidence in the inevitability of my success
and some of whom seem to me beacons of wasted time

i must explore
i must not sit too still
i must not allow myself to be seeped in comfort and familiarity

nothing much has been decided about what i will do
and the mystery is a heavy burdon, but unlimited doors are open to me
and i will take full advantage as best i know how

and all the time
i will love

it is the only effort which guarantees a life spent well

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

i feel.

i feel.

i feel you.

god i feel.

God i feel you

God i feel you God i feel you God i feel you


God i feel you here
God i feel you here
God i feel you here
God i feel you here
God i feel you here
God i feel you here

it's going to be okay.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

happy birthday, micah schmiedeskamp!

also: today is wanderlust
mount kilimanjaro
bristol, england (allan)
india (nate/joie)
greek islands?
poland (rebecca)
rio de janeiro (portuguese!)
hmm... the middle east in the middle of everything? probably not
wuhan, china (nate w)
france OR japan ??? (matt)

and i never picked lemons for a farmer on the south western coast of italy. i still could.....

itching itching itching
if money were no object, i would have no home
and you, my friend, i would take you with me
to the ends of the earth

it is quite unlikely that i will do none of these things.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

a word that quite aptly does not describe me is:


also: how the dissolution of a house full of boys twenty minutes from where i live can make ME feel like my social life is falling apart is interesting. and sad. very very sad.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i am
i am
i am
i am
i am
i am
hopeful, some days
i was
under the impression that things fall into place more naturally than this
i am
i am
i am not
i am
not doing much to get out of this rut
i do
examine my face for dissymmetry
i can
often find it
painfully so

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

yesterday, at 5:37 pm, at the intersection between robert street and 6th in downtown saint paul, minnesota, united states of america, a man wearing a boating hat and glasses and a big yellow backpack rode his bicycle across the street slowly, singing the star spangled banner at the absolute top of his lungs. i smiled.


1. i generally don't like boys who put crap in their hair. it's even worse if they also iron their clothing. (ironing is acceptable for men with crap-free hair).

2. akjdflky

3. i'm thinking a lot about languages and countries and jobs and graduate school and what's really important to me in my life. one thing keeps trumping all the others. it is an obvious thing. but that thing is not for now, but for later, and that is mostly fine.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

every time i go to an all staff meeting and listen to the bitching and moaning of alleged adults, i am reminded why there are divorces.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

i made fun of hilary at 11:14 am for being vain because she was worrying about her fading tan.

from 11:22-1:07 i waxed the living daylights out of my cute little car

or i would have if it had had living daylights

whatever those are


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Saturday, July 08, 2006


the thing which one claims to be ultimate (i.e. a concrete God of some sort, the good of humankind, the good of the earth, some sense of over arching morality, one's own pleasure, etc) has much more effect on the explanation of one's behavior than on the behavior itself.

most things we do just because we do them.


there is an abb-solute gem of a girl in manhattan right this very minute that i adore and who is having a birthday today.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

somehow, despite my deep values, my confidence in my intelligence, potential and abilities, my distaste for excess, and the fact that the ride on the 50 into downtown st paul is totally my territory.... today a group of upwardly mobile 19 year olds in business clothes that looked half magazine and half dress up and kate spade purses that their fathers bought them and stupid conversations ("is that the capitol?") and trendy sunglasses and perfect hair made me feel completely inadequate as a human being. and i was even wearing make up!

they took over my bus and they took my self-esteem. who are they? where did they come from?

get them out of my downtown.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


look at her
her eyes are deep like the ocean
someone told her that once
and she liked it
but she does not let you see all the way to the bottom
there is so much released
in words
in nuance
that it can be overwhelming
and she may even tell you the whole truth
but it is all controlled
by some monster deep, at the bottom of her ocean eyes
who wants to stay safe and undiscovered
her utter depravity
and she thinks
if she tells you all about it
you won’t be able to hold it over her later
you won’t be able to say “you’re so selfish”
because she said it first
and she’s accepted it
but not really, deep down inside
her monster
he is pouting
in the meantime
she takes a sip of her coffee
admires the collection of bracelets she chose this morning
and then stares off in the distance
with her mile deep eyes

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i can't today.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

it is so.....





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yesterday i made two hundred cookies.

the day before yesterday, one of my best friends got married to a boy who at one time thought he liked me (and they are fantastic together). afterwards, we went swimming.

today i'm BORED OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND at work again.

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